• How to add product image into email template?
    • Copy to clipboard token by clicking on it in the bottom of the page
    • Click Insert Image... to open popup window
    • Paste token into Source input field, add a description and hit the save button to save the image
  • How to add custom image into email template?
    • Click Insert Image... to open popup window
    • Select Upload tab and click Browse for An Image
  • How to customize input box and other elements on a product page?
    Option 1

    UI elements can be customized via Configuration Storefront Settings page.

    For each element (input box, button and two labels) you can specify either CSS style or CSS class or both.

    If you see UI elements are not displayed correctly on a product page or you need a help with CSS styles please reach us via Contact Us form. We will be happy to help!

    Option 2

    If you have an access to Stencil theme files, you can specify custom styles for input box, button and labels displayed on a product page. Each element has an id attribute assigned.

    <div id="backInStock-container">
        <div id="wlm_title_div">Enter your email address to be notified when this item is back in stock.</div>
        <input id="wlm_email_box_input" type="email" placeholder="email@example.com">
        <input id="wlm_notify_me_button" type="button" value="Notify Me">
        <div id="wlm_request_accepted_div">Request was successfully accepted.</div>