• How to add product image into email template?
    • Copy to clipboard token by clicking on it in the bottom of the page
    • Click Insert Image... to open popup window
    • Paste token into Source input field, add a description and hit the save button to save the image
  • How to add custom image into email template?
    • Click Insert Image... to open popup window
    • Select Upload tab and click Browse for An Image
  • How to customize input box and other elements on a product page?
    Option 1

    UI elements can be customized via Configuration Storefront Settings page.

    For each element (input box, button and two labels) you can specify either CSS style or CSS class or both.

    Option 2

    If you have an access to Stencil theme files, you can specify custom styles for input box, button and labels displayed on a product page. Each element has an id attribute assigned.

    <div id="backInStock-container">
        <div id="wlm_title_div">Enter your email address to be notified when this item is back in stock.</div>
        <input id="wlm_email_box_input" type="email" placeholder="email@example.com">
        <input id="wlm_notify_me_button" type="button" value="Notify Me">
        <div id="wlm_request_accepted_div">Request was successfully accepted.</div>